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BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013

BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013

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Review of BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013 :
BullGuard has great security software for protecting your mobile device. And while it isn’t the top dog, BullGuard Mobile Security is a good solution. With a variety of features, quick and easy updates and effective protection, BullGuard Mobile Antivirus will help you and your important information stay protected while on the move.

Technical Support of BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013:
BullGuard does not offer telephone support, but has a variety of other options available, including email and online chat. Online chat lets you connect with a live service representative conveniently online, at anytime during the day.

You can also access a product guide online or visit the BullGuard antivirus forum. The FAQs section answers a variety of questions regarding subscriptions, setup, use and other issues related to security for mobile devices.

Installation & Updates  of BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013:
Installing the program couldn’t be easier. Users can go through their PCs and then sync their mobile devices to transfer the program. There’s also an option to install the software directly to your smartphone over a wireless internet connection.

Updates are easy and similarly available directly to the phone or through a synced computer. Updates can be performed automatically, so your mobile device will always be current and protected from the most recent threats.

Ease of Use BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013:
makes it easy to detect viruses and defend your phone from malware. The application helps you detect and delete any malware already on your phone, and then deter and defend from future threats. You can’t schedule virus scans to run at designated times, but you can perform them anytime you care to with on-demand scanning.

You can hone in your scan on the memory card, individual files or on folders. The interface is intuitive and can be navigated easily because it is specifically designed to be controlled on a smartphone or other mobile device. You’re not required to run on-demand scans, but you can set BullGuard to literally act as a watchdog and check all incoming or modified messages.

When the programming finds an infected or potentially harmful file, it will be isolated harmlessly in a quarantine file. The product includes an activity log section where you can see detailed information regarding individual virus scans. This helps you keep track of what files have been found and deleted, and manage the scan activity.

Effectiveness  of BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013:
BullGuard Mobile Antivirus is more than antivirus protection. The program also incorporates a mobile firewall to limit access that could prove harmful. This mobile security software is also designed to effectively eliminate spam, whether it be harmful, or just annoying.

The program scans the smartphone upon installation for any viruses, trojan horses, worms or other malicious programs that might already be resident on the device. It then scans incoming traffic including email, downloads and messages, both SMS and MMS, to prevent the introduction of any new malware.

Combine all these protective measures and you’ve got a comprehensive mobile security software program for your smartphone. BullGuard Mobile Antivirus effectively protects phones running the Symbian OS or Windows Mobile.

Features of BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013:
This application features tools to protect your entire phone, including the integrated memory and removable memory cards. Users can ensure receipt of incoming messages by placing trusted addresses on a white list. Sources that you don’t trust are accordingly placed on a black list to disable any incoming messages from them.

The program is designed to shield your phone without sacrificing performance. Low resource consumption by the software ensures that your battery won’t drain faster, and the phone’s overall performance won’t be slowed down.

BullGuard 2 Mobile Antivirus 2013

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